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The migration of the Garlasco family from Italy to the United States: 1902-1924

S.S. La SavoieOn July 12th 1902, Albino Garlasco boarded the S.S. La Savoie in Le Havre, France.  How he made his way to France has been lost to time, but legend has it that his mother Maddalena sewed three gold coins into his jacket pocket and sent him on his way.

Albino was 16 years old, and sailed alone.  Along with his three gold coins, he had the princely sum of $30!  Records list his stated profession as a "Smith."  No one is certain who met him when he reached New York City, but records indicate that he was met by his sister Maria.  There are no records of how Maria may have entered the United States.

It is most likely that Albino was met by his father Battista Garlasco.  Records show that Battista lived at 323 West 41st Street in Manhattan, though how he entered the United States is uncertain.  It appears that at some time prior to 1902, both Battista and his daughter Maria entered the United States and set up to welcome the family from Italy.

On August 24, 1903, Battista's brother, Pietro (28) arrived in New York from Le Havre on the S.S. La Bretagne.  With him were Battista's children, Christoforo (12), Lorenzo (14), and Luisa (16).

On October 10, 1903, Maddalena (41) would take the rest of her children to the United States from Genoa, Italy on the S.S. Prinz Oscar.  She had Francesco (10) and Rosa (9) in tow.  Another Rosa (16) was also on the ship, going to New York to meet her father Marco Antonio Garlasco (40), who had gone to New York on the La Bretagne in September 1903.  The relationship of Rosa and Marco Antonio to the rest of the family is unknown, and this brings us to an unknown regarding the Garlasco family's immigration.  From 1902 to 1924, over 30 Garlasco family members left Fubine, Italy for New York City, but their relationship to Battista, Maddalena, and their seven children is unknown.

Battista Garlasco is buried in Fubine, Italy, but we know that he stayed in New York City until at least 1910 because of documentation.