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Olympic Park, Havana, Cuba

On April 3, 1920, Albino and Elvira Garlasco won the great race at Olympic Park in Havana Cuba.  With Albino at the wheel they set the track speed record and left the competition in their dust, reaching a blazing 63 miles per hour!  The race lasted 9 1/2 minutes and was a great victory for Team Cadillac.

During the time trials, Albino had wiped out and put his car into a ditch.  After repairs, his wife demanded that she drive with him - if he perished she wanted to go out with her husband.  But race officials would not allow a woman in the race.  Elvira donned man's clothes and covered her hair, thus fooling the officials as she rode to victory beside Albino!

The race began with all of the cars in a row, but a few broke from the pack.  As they came down the stretch, Albino Garlasco, in the #6 car had a commanding lead and won the race with his Cadillac.

With the race won, Albino and Elvira posed for the cameras in the number 6 car, but Elvira would never reveal her true identity!  The race over, the victorious couple drove home.  Albino worked for Mr. Bustamante in Cuba and raced for Cadillac from approximately 1917-1922 when his daughter Yolanda was born.  After Yolanda's birth, Albino packed his family up and returned to New York.  But they soon went back to Italy for a visit, but returned in August 1923 never to venture back to the land of their birth.