S.S.La Savoie
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S.S. La SavoieBuilt for the French Line, French flag, in 1901 and named La Savoie.  It ran the Le Havre-New York route.  It was refitted as a French Navy auxiliary cruiser in 1914 and served in the First World War from 1914 to 1918.  In 1919 it resumed service between Le Havre and New York until it was scrapped at Dunkirk in 1927.

Builder: Chantiers de Penhoet, St. Nazaire, France, 1901.
Weight: 11,168 gross tons
Length: 580 feet
Width: 60 feet
Propulsion: Steam triple expansion engines, twin screws
Passengers: 1,055 (437 First Class, 118 Second Class, 500 Third Class)